Special Situations Investment Platform

Special Situation Investment Platform

MLK Real Estate Capital (“MLK”) is a boutique real estate advisory and investment firm. MLK advises its sponsor clients and invests directly in opportunistic commercial real estate opportunities. As a special situations investor, MLK creates value by providing liquidity and capital solutions for the most challenging situations.

MLK invests in Special Situation opportunities across all real estate asset classes in the top-50 markets of the continental United States. 

Examples of Special Situations

  • Recapitalization of existing investors

  • Fractured Partnerships

  • Stalled Development Projects

  • Debt Maturity Defaults

  • Note Financing

  • Note Acquisition

Investment Parameters

Deal Size$15 Million to $200 Million
Targeted Hold PeriodThree to 36 Months
Targeted Returns20% IRR / 2.00x Equity Multiple
GeographyTop-50 markets of the continental U.S.
Asset ClassMultifamily; Office; Industrial; Retail; Hospitality; Student Housing;
Senior Housing; Self-Storage
MLK Participation$500,000 to 3,000,000 (any additional equity procured from
MLK’s capital partners)

Immediate Turnaround and Surety of Execution

MLK’s lean executive team and entrepreneurial approach to deal making gives MLK the ability to quickly complete underwriting and diligence and to provide a term sheet for execution in a timely manner. MLK differentiates itself from its competition through speed and surety of execution, particularly in situations in which a sponsor has a short timeline to close a transaction, and can move more quickly than its institutional peers.

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